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those were the days my fiend...

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Just watched "Saturday Night Fever" in French. Ye gods, brings it all back. O levels & Travolta. Apparently the 70's are considered a "cult" epoch these days, which is as good an indicator of "you are ancient" as anything.

smiley - musicalnote I will survive. Bury my loons at wounded knee.


those were the days my fiend...

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In the old, old, days of late-night listening to faraway exotic Radio Luxembourg 208 on crackly medium wave, with other stations drifting into the background, and the voice of Tony Prince getting nearer and then fainter, with Radio Albania International or wherever intruding over Alvin Stardust performing "My Coocachoo" or Golden Earring pounding out "Radar Love"...

I remember Radio Luxembourg 208 only seemed to have three adverts.

i) Peter Stuijversaint's Dutch cigarettes (or possibly Dutch-speaking Belgian)

ii) Wrigley's Chewing Gum

iii) Silvikrin Shampoo.

This last one I remember, as it had the most glorious swirling Mantovani string arrangement. I loved this music (although I'd probably think of it as corny as hell today) and when they changed it, around 1978 at a time when I was feeling sixteen and vulnerable, another piece of my childhood slipped away... (at this time, Noakes, Singleton and Purvis all retired from presenting "Blue Peter" and Tom Baker and the lovely Layla departed from "Dr Who". Their replacements were not at all in the same league of excellence...)

Silvikrin also used this string piece on its TV advertising.

I've never heard it since, even on those Channel Four retro-advert nostalgia fests, but I'd dearly love to!

Does anyone know what it was called?

those were the days my fiend...

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The H2G2 Editors

We don't sorry but we loved your retro, nostalgia-fest of a post there. smiley - ok

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