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i need some advice please, i beg...anyone!

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Researcher 204725

my girlfriend and i were having sex. The condom was on the entire time during sex. She was positioned on top of me. Once i orgasmed she got off of me, but the condom stayed inside of her. What does that have the potential to do? could she get pregnant by that somehow? how can i tell if sheis as soon as possible? at max, by how much can her period be off regular cycle and her still NOT be pregnant? I NEED SOME ADVICE PLEASE!

i need some advice please, i beg...anyone!

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Not entire sure about this but,
Pregnant- Possible, but very Very VERY unlikely. Espcailly if you used on with spermicide.
Other coplications- lots but again very Very VERY unlikely.
Women can miss periods by a lot (up to a month if they are ill, especail with anemia), but if she is late go see a doc.
Basically be aware for anything unusal, but if you are very worried or if something doesn't seem right see the doc asap.

i need some advice please, i beg...anyone!

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ESSEXgirlie..aka im.all.by.myself ex pat of that great leader in the sky LEISURE DISTRICT..

get her 2 get 2 the docs straight away...im not saying she is pregnant but she can get the morning after pill just 2 b on the safe side...
i shouldnt think she is but its better to be safe than sorry...sum chemists do the pill but ive been told its about £15 smiley - wow
its always been known that if any leaks then there could be a possability that a woman/girl can get pregnant
good luck hun
smiley - hug

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