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Breast Cancer

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I once met a researcher who came up with a hypothesis following a study of women's sexual activity. He has tried to show a link between this and the rise in breast cancer over recent years. He discovered that the more sex a woman had, the less likely it was that she would develop breast cancer. Women who had no sex life or older women who's sex life had dwindled were more prone to contracting the disease. He looked at what agent may be giving women this protection from breast cancer and so his attention was drawn to prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are abundant in semen and so he suspects these might be the agent that provides this immunity.

With the rise in AIDS awareness and the increase use of condoms we now see a proportional rise in the incidence of breast cancer among women. The use of condoms is denying women of their daily dose of prostaglandins and protection from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer

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That is a really interesting theory. Maybe we should take it in capsule form? Oh, god, that would be awful! smiley - yikes

Breast Cancer

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I think an anti-breast cancer prostaglandin pill will eventually come following more conclusive research. Obviously it will be taken up by those women who do not wish to have an active sex life or are unable to.

I cannot help smile when I see people walking around with yellow ribbons supporting breast cancer without thinking what they may be lacking!

In the meantime now is the time to buy shares in Prostaglandin manufacturers before the rise in share price smiley - smiley

Breast Cancer

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I'm not really here

Does it make a difference how (or where) these prostaglandins are absorbed?

Breast Cancer

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There is a phrase in statistics:
"Correlation does not imply causation".

If condom use and breast cancer are both rising, that is only circumstantial evidence, it doesn't prove any link.

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