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The unlubricated latex condoms have been used for at least four decades to cover the probe heads of geiger counters, which is primarily to keep radioactive contamination (hot dust) from adhering to the mylar window of the probe. Dry condoms are also used to cover the ultrasound wand that is inserted up one's anal passage prior to performing certain ultrasound procedures for medical purposes (e.g., real-time imaging of the prostate during radioactive seed implant). As far as is known none of these devices have suffered from any loss of sensitivity from having condoms placed over their members.

Some medical devices and other assorted probes of smaller diameters often use latex finger cots as protective covers as well; these are rolled over the probe head the same way one would apply a condom, and are extremely effective in preventing contamination of the probe head.

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condoms (nonlube)

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