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condom embarrassment

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I've just been to my local petrol station and while the girl at the counter was faffing around with my card I had a look at all the goodies around me when a shape caught my attention.

It looked like a sort of bubble blowing shaped ring on a stick, in fact exactly like that - you know when you used to get those little bottles of soapy liquid... anyway the girl came back to get me to scribble my name and spotted what had captivated me for so long.

Apparently everyone goes in there and stares long and hard at what turns out to be a condom applicator! So, slightly embarrassed I left the station with the knowledge that somewhere, someone doesn't know how to put a condom on properly - in no way is that 'tool' an answer to disibilities, it's purely for the brain challenged amongst us.

My embarrassment here was further evidence that despite not even buying condoms - the girl behind the counter will always make you feel at least a little bit ridiculous.

condom embarrassment

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I was at *-**** and picked up a box of condoms. The UPC code (the ID bars on the box) was not in the computer; scanning and manualy entering the number gave an invalid id response. There were 3 customers waiting in line after me. The cashier turned on the flashing attention light and announced over the paging system in a store covering acres: "Pharmacy, price check on register 5 on a box of a dozen condoms." Nobody answered. I went to find a priced box while she waited.
I did not go back for any reason for 8-10 years for their lack of discression.
Embarassment is the inability to develop the courage to do what is right and needs to be done.

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