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Is it or isn't it ?

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I wonder if you can enlighten me of put me out of my misery. About a million years ago I had a beer with a British Antarctic Survey statistician. I know they can make you believe anything, but he had me going that Antarctica was made up of two continents, not one.

Can you clear this up for me ? Is it or isn't it ?

Is it or isn't it ?

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According to the "pangea" view of the earth before plate-techtonics started to feel left out, and got it's act together, no, it is one single continent. However, the "sticky-out" bit at the top is postulated to be the missing piece between western south america and eastern south africa, but without the complications of Australia and all that. Why let some awkward geology stand in the way of some quite good looking animations? <smiley - smiley>

Is it or isn't it ?

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a map of deglaciated antartica shows onc ontinent and two rather large islands.

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