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As a long-time keeper of geckos and other reptiles I have to say this is extremely thorough and well written; I'm extremely impressed and glad the Guide has this info available


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Thanks I wrote this entry,

What reptiles have you got? have a pair of phelsuma madagrandis grandi, 2 beardies, and a leopard gecko. If you have a look at my personal space you willl see I have also writen a edited entry on beardies, and entrys on leopards, Helmeted geckos and klemmer's gecko.

I also want to write a entry on DIY incubates at some point.

Thanks for reading,

Ford-Prefect smiley - winkeye


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i have nothing to do with geckos but it certainly made a nice entry and looks that the lizards can be also kept as pets for their coloured patterns on their backs


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Sorry for the lag-time on the reply, school's been keeping me right busy.

At the moment I have:
Juvenile black ratsnake (Elaphe obsoleta)
pair of Iran Jaya carpet pythons (Moreila spilotes)
male leopard gecko

as well as several species of tarantulas and a betta fish

Also have experience with iguanas (ugh) and lots of other snake species. (I tend to favor serpents over lizards, dunno why)

If i can get some time I may do one on my carpet pythons as well as tarantulas, if no one's done one already


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Cool neaver had a snake but id like one, just my parents dont like frozen mice etc. Ive had a look art rough green snakes which eat crickets. You realy should do an entry on carpet pythons. smiley - ok


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Will one of these days, when I have time

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