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Have any Europeans on the site heard of Stevie, or is it just an american thing?

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Are you kidding? SRV is one of the most famous guitarists of all time. he has fans everywhere in the world. In the small town I live in (Frome in the South of England) I know local bands that play Stevie's songs, and I teach his stuff to my guitar students. He was my favourite guitar player and I still remember when I heard he had died.

I remember working in a record shop in about 1983 (?) and my friend saying "you just have to hear this album - you won't believe the guitar playing". That was Texas Flood, and I still can't believe the guitar playing!

I have a replica of Number One and loads of SRV dvds (not all legal!) and albums/cds/tapes.

There will never be another like him.

All the best

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Sweetsmiley - ok

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His music: a mystery.
His death: a tragedy.
In silence: a fan.

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