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The peer pressure part

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I think peer pressure has a lot to deal with misunderstanding because of confusion. When it comes to dealing with behavior of other beings, without confidence in your own ideas as to benifit your situation or when faced with the responsibility to act without wanting to look at a situation deeply, you become faced with a problem of having to make a decision where you don't enirely understand the answer. It's a decision made usually resulting from the desire to not have to explain yourself which often causes us to look at others that may seem a bit more respected for their actions. If you do have an idea of how to act around others whether it's dressing a certain way or treating others differently and people follow your decision(probably because of your social status or just because it's the general consenses) others may not understand it but still go along with it since a good thing usually has a good reasoning behind it.

If you could come up with a beautiful creative way of behaving in any situation you come across, I doubt anyone would consider you to be a follower. But this is a very difficult thing to do. It may be easy to come up with an idea that works but you must strive for beauty, for not having beauty in your decisions is what causes the distaste for and the monotony of peer pressure. What we need in our decision making is an extra effort toward understanding, but not understanding to be right, understanding to be confident and not let a biased opinion affect our decisions. Remember this every morning when you get dressed for the day or when you put on a cd and perhaps laughing at the absurdity of the way we are will give you this understanding.

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The peer pressure part

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