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Additional minor characters: journalists

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Rich Flavour

Two who have been in more than one episode whom I don't see on the list:

Dave Shotten, investigative reporter;
Scott Christiansen (sp?), secondary news anchor, fills in at the desk while Kent Brockman is on assignment

Both appear in the "Burns for Governor" episode: Shotten is with Bart when he catches the three-eyed fish (a recurring character in its own right) at the beginning, and subsequently breaks the story in the next day's paper; Christiansen is in the studio near the end and reports that the Burns campaign has fallen to Earth "like so much half-chewed fish." Also appearing in this episode is the mystery-state's governer Mary Bailey; has she appeared before or since?

Also, on the subject of journalists, Kent Brockman's professional (and probably real) name as of 1969, the year of Super Bowl III, was revealed in the flashback when Homer's mother tells how she came to be a fugitive: Kenny Brockelstein. A dig at Geraldo Rivera, erstwhile Jerry Rivers? By the way, one of Homer's mother's aliases (in her collection of driver's licenses) is Sadie Mae Glutz, an alias used by Susan Atkins of the Manson family, also made famous in 1969.

Man, I could do this all day...

Additional minor characters: journalists

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Nice one for the journalists, but you missed an appearance. Dave Shotten also appears in Who Shot Mr Burns part 2, as Waylon Smithers is being led down he rushes forward with the question "Who are you? Where are you going?" to which Kent Brockman replies "Oh do your research, Shotten!"

Apu's brother (cousin? I forget) also appears on a (semi)regular basis, as do Cypress Hill (well at least twice anyway!)

Additional minor characters: journalists

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Apus relative is Sanjay - and he has a nephew called Little Jumpshit.

Additional minor characters: journalists

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I know it's a little late, but I just joined.
The three eyed fish is named Blinky

Additional minor characters: journalists

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The list in the entry is amazing and makes you realise how rich and complex The Simpsons really is. I know most of those characters extremely well and they all have very individual recognisable characteristics. Amazing. Amazing writing.

I note that two characters are missing from the list - semi-regular background characters - I'm talking about the two breakfast show DJs whose names I have temporarily forgotten ... Marti and someone else. Arnie Pie, who is listed in the entry, is a regular on their show.

Also ... is it my imagination or has the rabbi (Krusty's father) been in the show more than once? I think he may deserve an entry ...

and what about the guy at the fast food restaurant who is sometimes seen in other low skilled service jobs in Springfield "do you want fries with that?"

Additional minor characters: journalists

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Minor point, but Apu's nephew is called Jamshed.

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