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Ties are good and this is why

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I have no clue who or why someone would invent a tie, but I still view them as being important. It's the easiest way to tell if someone has a job. If someone is wearing a button down shirt they may just have played golf. If someone is working class and wears jeans they too could be mistaken for people who do no work. However, if someone wears a tie it tells you for sure they're working for something, go to a private school or are an active member of society. Have you ever known a bum to wear one? No.

Ties are good and this is why

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

I beg to differ. IMHO.

Have you ever known an artist to wear one? Someone who is independently creative and original?

Ties are the decendents of filthy rags tied around French peasants' necks used to wipe fingers on after eating a meal with fingers. They constrict blood flow to the brain and make workers more likely to agree to ridiculous rules. They are the sad remnant of originality as the one thing that someone can express originality with apart from their uniform suits. They are a badge of shame for those who conform, constrict, and condemn. The death of originality and creativity, the flag of surender, and the leash used by poor management.

Don't wear them and won't.

Ties are good and this is why

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I work.

I wear no tie.

You know why?

When you work at Burger King overly loose clothing and things that hang down like neck ties are just begging for trouble. Fryers, broilers, and other hazards make me glad that neck ties are not required at Burger King.

Ties are good and this is why

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One of the very few times I wear a tie is when going to a job interview and hence usually not currently employed. Therefore there are a lot of unemployed people who wear ties simply because they are unemployed.

Ties are good and this is why

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Ties are good in many different ways. Musicians wear ties and look very sexy in them. Ties can be worn with nearly anything including plain t-shirts or in a man's case no shirt at all. They can be worn by both men and women. In all ties can be a good thing.

Ties make Carl Barat sexier! Yum...smiley - loveblush

Ties are good and this is why

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

The same argument could be made for corsets, tri-cornered hats and tie-dye. smiley - tongueout

IMHO, ties are still an affectation of the worst kind, a mark of supposed, imposed superiority and a badge of servitude all at once.

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