A Conversation for Neckties


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finnjim, THE Teacher, messing with peoples minds since 1997

Just an obversation for the tie wearers out there.

smiley - ermHow clever is it to start the day by tying a noose aroung your neck.
And is it just coincidence that politicans always wear ties


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Researcher 205384


To me a tie just says - 'here are my genitals'.

This is not a very sophisticated pattern of behaviour.

As to the mickey-mouse and scooby-doo tie-wearers, I say, Fie! You are nothing but counter-revolutionaries, and you will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Sorry, got a bit carried away there.



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finnjim, THE Teacher, messing with peoples minds since 1997

smiley - erm Counter to what.
They are the people without the balls to walk into work without a tie.

"Look at me i'm one of the young generation. Like my father (Insert posh London/Dublin accent here) and his father i wear a tie but Mine is mildly humourus. Why only last night i saw that chap?? behind the bar wearing a tie like mine"smiley - laugh


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I didn't realise the tie numbers were in decline - I stopped wearing the dam things three years ago and now only have a black one for obvious reasons. Looking around me I can see a tie at every collar, gently squeezing the breath from swollen necks - should we not be cutting these useless appendages from the poor slaves they seek to control?smiley - run

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