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One of the things that makes Iron Chef so much fun is the fact that it wouldn't work if it was made by another nation than the Japanese. For those who remember "Endurance" there is something about competitions of expertise and strength that only the Japanese can master. Iron Chef (or "Aiyaan Sheffu" as Chairman Kaga would have us say) moves along with such alacrity that it makes other cooking shows seem pedestrian.

Nowhere else on television would you see a renowned chef wrestling with live octopus or conger eel. Nowhere else on television would you see someone making cuttlefish icecream at a moment's notice.

Add to this the hilarious voice-overs used to dub the Japanese commentary and panel and you have the ingredients for one of the best programs currently shown on television! There is a website (unofficial) at [URL removed by moderator]which has a host of information about this show.

Aiyaan Sheffu!

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can you possibly post that web address in an article so I can get it, the new rules prohibit url's in conversation postings.

Aiyaan Sheffu!

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I'm astounded the BBC are now prohibiting even URLs to be posted inside replies. I thought this was supposed to be a "tome of all knowledge and wisdom".....is H2G2 now taking the stance that it's only worth knowing if it comes from the BBC's own website?

Anyway, the website in questions is just "ironchef" with the usual dot-com suffix. I think you can work that out for yourself smiley - smiley

Aiyaan Sheffu!

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Well, not quite. They want to be able to check URL's that are linked too, and to do that in forums would not be efficient. They are still allowed in articles.
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