A Conversation for Songs that Stick in your Head

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Another way to vanquish sticky songs is to make fun of them. Invent ridiculous lyrics and insiste on remembering them each time the song runs through your head. You will soon lose whatever respect you had for the song, and it will magically disappear.

In honor of raygun, I'll use Fur Elise as an example.

(to the tune of Fur Elise)

This here song's about your feet.
You have ten toes,
Unlike your nose.
You have only one of those.
You don't have two,
Like you have shoes.

You have two hands.
Here's what they do.
You get shampoo
And wash soap too --

And then you slowly wash your two big feet.
You have ten toes,
Unlike your nose.
You have only one of those.
Some things smell sweet,
But not.... your..... feet!

What's yours?

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DjeliBeybi, Sovereign Imperatrix of all Odd Blue Socks, ID

LOL!!! That's so funny I want to play fur Elise now and sing that song.,..

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Thanks! Share and enjoy. smiley - smiley

What's yours?

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Boys and Cake Girl

Mark Lamarr once mis-quoted 'You're the one that I want' as starting
'I got shoes, they're made of ply-wood...' and it stuck on a loop in my head for weeks. No other words, just the first line.

What's yours?

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

For me, the obvious solution would have been to complete the silly lyrics for the song. That might have helped.

What's yours?

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Boys and Cake Girl

I might try it next time, anything is better than your brain repeating one phrase like a comedy mantra. smiley - smiley

What's yours?

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Jim diGriz

In the 1980s there was a UK sitcom called _The Happy Apple_, about an advertising agency (starring Leslie Ash; yeah, the one in _Men Behaving Badly_!).

The theme tune was Mozart's _Eine Kleine Nacht Musik_.

Unfortunately, I can never hear that tune now without hearing the words (and I swear I'm not making this up!):

"Nancy is a junior secretary
In an advertising agency...

Nancy is just a secretary
But she don't know that she (etc.)"

And I won't make you cringe at the rest ('cos I can't remember the rest, thank the Lord!).

Anyway, my current on-my-mind tune is _I'm the Real Slim Shady_. Can't help sitting at work singing diddle-ee-doo-doo-doo doo-doo doo-diddle-ee-doo-doo-doo etc. smiley - smiley

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Jim diGriz

My friends and I used to get regularly thrown out of a local pub 'cos we kept singing our own versions of the words of popular songs.

We would often be heard singing such wonderful lyrics as "In a champagne Vauxhall Nova in the sky".

We also did a nice line in singing everything in the style of the Wurzels.

Come to think of it, I can't say I blame the landlord... poor chap! smiley - smiley

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Boys and Cake Girl

They play that outside work all the time and that always runs round my head.

I heard a version of Greensleves once that ruined that too, which I shall now inflict on everyone else.

I had a cold and it would not go
I had to sneeze and I was not pleased.
Was then I lost my handkerchief,
It was I who discovered those greensleeves,

Pathetic, the amount of rubbish inside my skull...

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I had a friend who would sing this to the tune of "Smoke on the Water":

Slooooow motion Walter,
Fire engine guy

That's all there was, but it was enough to get stuck in my head for a few months.

What's yours?

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Is mise Duncan

I believe this strand of comedy (misheard lyrics) was done best by lenny Henry with his take on "The Isrealite"
vis. "My ears are alight"

Full lyrics anyone?

I do recall something along the lines of
. wife and ma kids they back up and are leafy
. darling, cheesecake, I was yards too greasy...
. oh, oh, my ears are alight

What's yours?

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Mine is the Stranglers "Walkin' on the beaches lookin' at the peaches"
Dumtadum Tadumtadumtadumtum

What's yours?

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Wand'rin star

Lenny Henry also did a brillian't spoof on Michael Jackson's Thriller which included the line "And they look like they're fans of Astton Villa"

What's yours?

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There were a couple of TV adds using the original songs but with the wrong words in subtitle
some thing like
wake every morning smiling at breakfast
so that every monk and beef head
oooooh oh me ears are alight

It think the other was that dylan song with the que cards in the "video"

I love the misheard lyric section of Never mind the Buzzcocks

What's yours?

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Is mise Duncan

Ah yes - an advert for Maxwell tapes if I'm not mistaken and done by....Lenny Henry.
(This branch of the thread is now circular smiley - winkeye )


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Did not realise the Ad was done by Lenny Henry. I assumed it was the original song with the subtitles being the joke. I'm confused

What's yours?

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I feel the pain of "If I Only Had a Brain". It has been stuck in my head for a couple of years and every attempt to purge it has failed. I also get stuck on "Box of Rain" by the Grateful Dead. I don't know why since I hardly ever listened to that song.

What's yours?

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A couple of weeks ago I got the annoying theme from "Malcolm in the Middle" stuck in my head. I listened to "Zombie" by Fela (which is always guaranteed to unstick any song) to get it unstuck.

What's yours?

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Have you listened to the Real Slim Shady? I think Eminem (?????) should go back to the projects where he can't damage music any more than he already has. Rap Artist = oxymoron. Rap, aparrently, need only rhyme and you can even make up words to help. I can do that....

I'm the real shady
the real slim shady
and my very own lady
watched the bunch brady
and once I made(ee)
some real soup potat(ee)
soup and salad(ee)
and then i heard dr dre(ee)
who rapped about shady
and i said [email protected]#@#@##$$ (ee)
your momma is a #$%#!!! (ee)
and brittany spears has nice tattas

or something like that

What's yours?

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Emily...overly fond of the ellipsis...and top ten lists...submit yours @ A87824361...

Why have I never heard of this formum..........I am perminetly getting songs in my head that never seem to want to leave!!
Today I have had mostly Smash Mouth's song All Star, Nirvana's Lithium, The Beatles's Good Day Sunshine and Sergent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and Atomic Kitten's song (this one is by far the most painful and the one I most definetly could'nt get out of my head!!)
Anyway cool forum!!

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