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Note that the word 'racially' precedes the word 'offensive' in the latter quote. If the anagram were racially offensive, then that would be another matter and I would yikes it myself.

I haven't actually made any actions, other than to alert the Eds to this in an effort to bring their decision about swiftly (which I don't think anyone could find reason to complain about). I've just been defending myself and my decisions, which I think I have every right to do.


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You're right, it has. I hadn't noticed that.


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aka Bel - A87832164

I guess it would come under 'otherwise objectionable'. I once had a posting yikesed where I called somebody 'obstinate', I think it was. Or I meant obstinate but posted another, similar word which I can't recall right now. The post was yikesed and upheld. So there.


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Gnomon - time to move on

There seems to be a misunderstanding about the use of the yikes button here. We're all encouraged to hit the yikes the button if we find anything slightly offensive. Even if we are not sure whether it is in violation of the house rules or not, we should refer it to the moderators, who will refer it to the Eds if necessary. I frequently yikes things I'm not sure about, and I wasn't sure about this one. I've even yikes the house rules themselves once, as they contained material which was insulting to some of our foreign-language researchers.

The final say is with the Editors. If they choose to hide or leave visible that sentence, then so be it.

Many things I have said with complete innocent intent over the years have been considered offensive by others, and have been hidden. That doesn't upset me, and it shouldn't upset anyone else.


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Rudest Elf

If you're still interested... I've found some more antigrams of 'British Broadcasting Corporation' via the Anagrammy Awards Forum: http://www.anagramgenius.com/agasearch.phtml?type=subjectexact&query=British+Broadcasting+Corporation

I've also been fiddling with those letters in search of an antigram better than 'Horrid, patrician, bigot, snob actors'. I don't have Anagram Genius software, so it may take some time before I discover something I consider worthy.

Just for fun, and with no wish to be offensive towards an organisation I have a great deal of respect for, the best of my efforts to date:

Boring racists bid to air porno chat

Artistic bods air boring porno chat

Dictatorship robbing actors on air

Barbaric antichrists (dig porno too!)

Panic! Horror! It's a distracting boob!

smiley - reindeer


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Mu Beta

"Hootoo is tiring, arid crap", rants BBC.



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Rudest Elf

Brilliant! smiley - applause

Pity it's an antigram we're after. smiley - winkeye

smiley - reindeer


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I do like that one, B smiley - biggrin

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