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Pirate Alexander LeGray

I read your article with interest since I'm prone to receiving virus's.
Only last night my anti-virus reported three different types, around ten of them, only one month from total destruction of my operating system by over fifty virus's.
I never open attachments or follow links from email, and even rarely from a web-page.
With a firewall and all the latest reputable gizmo's how do they get in?
Some of the virus's were .exe but most were .scr, I definitely haven't downloaded any screen savers, and the only programs downloaded were from the Microsoft Update Site, these are automatic.
Also in the security blogs is information of a flaw in Adobe Acrobat pictures that can be exploited by a malicious code-writer.
It is true a computer will not process data as a program, but data sometimes cloaks code eg Afile.doc.exe .
Also screen savers are programs so look out for .scr, and also dynamic link libraries .dll and activex .com ect ect.
If a pop up pops up their might be malevolent code introduced into your pc, I bar all pop ups, but yesterday whilst listening to Internet radio on my broadband whilst a large update was being downloaded I got a pop up telling me I have won an Audi A3.
Then I won a million pounds, I said I don't follow links and I didn't follow these.
Web pages nowadays run java applets as standard, I get really annoyed when a film starts in a news site, if it started and my media player doesn't start then a program has been downloaded and is running on my pc, although my operating system can run programs from a url, web designers haven't caught up with that yet.

The whole point is; a virus can get on your pc whatever you do to prevent it.

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