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Alternatively, there's a game mentioned by this name in the movie Extreme Days. The game goes something like this:

Two people have to be 'in the know' already (persons A and B). One of them (person A in this example) challenges someone not 'in the know' (person C) to a game of spoons. C accepts the challenge, and A and C sit down while A explains the rules. At this time, B 'joins' C's side (offering moral support and encouragement). The rules are simple; put a spoon in your mouth (so the handle is in your mouth), and hit the other person on the head with the bowl of the spoon. Whomever gives up first is the loser. Obviously, it is very difficult to hit someone hard on the head with a spoon that is held in your mouth, so this is where person B has a role. C gets the first shot, since A is the challenger. C hits A on the head (probably feeling like this is a joke), so now it's A's turn. A goes through the motions of hitting C on the head, but actually B does the hitting. It's a lot easier to get some decent force while holding the spoon handle in your hand, so obviously B's hit will cause C to start wondering, because it actually hurts. Unless C is drunk or otherwise not paying very good attention, the game will be relatively easy to figure out, but it makes a pretty good showing in Extreme Days.

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