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On this page is a biography of Adam Clayton Powell: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/alabaster/A352450

It states that
"Powell had reached the plateau of success in his career, but soon his life was rocked by scandal. He was under fire for his numerous trips abroad at public expense, his constant absenteeism, and his refusal to pay a slander judgement. On 9 January, 1967, the House Democratic Caucus stripped Powell of his committee chairmanship, and refused to seat him, pending an investigation by the Judiciary Committee. The following month, the committee recommended that Powell be censured, fined, and deprived of seniority, but on 1 March the House rejected these proposals and voted 307 to 116 to exclude him from the Congress for the rest of the term. He was re-elected to a 12th term in November, but the House voted to deny him his seniority, and Powell refused to take his seat. "

Is exclusion different from expulsion and how? Powell was not listed on the news as a member that had been expelled when, in the context of James Trafficant's expulsion from the House, they were listing previous members who were expelled.

Thanks, Jerry

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Adam Clayton Powell

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