A Conversation for Cocktails Named After Stars

No modern ones?

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Wand'rin star

I realise the cited folk were contemporary with the great age of the cocktail, but it seems a shame that there aren't any modern equivalents. I suggest a Princess Margaret - gin and bitters but there must be some more worthy candidates.

No modern ones?

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Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

An ideal opportunity for DD to finally tell me what's in a Tom Cruise smiley - winkeye

(This is a reference to smiley - ale34 at the Fand F)

No modern ones?

Post 3


Ha Ha, I haden't ever seen the movie "Prisoner of Zenda" ever listed as, well, a movie. It seems to have been forgotten by most, dispite the fact it's one of my favorites.

No modern ones?

Post 4

Demon Drawer

I'll see what I can dig up. Though modern cocktails tend to be not named for people so much. I mean Aftershock, Sex on the Beach, Orgasm are hardly ideally named cocktails people can associatee with people. smiley - winkeye

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