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They are cute, but

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Classic Krissy

look out for them little toenails. smiley - smiley I love the little squeelers but they WILL scratch when scrabbling their feet in the air when you pick them up.

They are cute, but

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Can the nails be clipped, or is that not good to do?

They are cute, but

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Classic Krissy

I bet you can, but I'd talk to a vet first. I don't know that for sure.

They are cute, but

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I own three guinea pigs, and have bred twelve. I clip their toenails whenever they get too long and start curving. Sometimes though, the guinea pigs wear them down themselves. Be careful not to clip too close to the toe though, otherwise you'll hurt your little guinea. Also, use an animal clipper, not the one you keep in your purse! smiley - smiley

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