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Danger Mouse - "Secret Agent Secrets"

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During the breaks between the episodes, there were shorts of DM's "Secret Agent Secrets". I remember in one of them, Nero attacks the narrator, that was pretty funny. Others were mostly DM talking about previous episodes and Penfold's commentary. Does anyone know if those shorts are on video?

It was off the air for a while, and then it came back on the air, but I can't remember if it was on the Cartoon Network, Sci-Fi, or A&E. However I do remember it wasn't until Danger Mouse was back on the air that I saw the S.A.S. segments. I thought it was the coolest thing cause I had never seen those before on Nickelodeon. If I contact Cosgrove Hall, do you think they might know where the segments are archived?

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Danger Mouse - "Secret Agent Secrets"

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I bought the dvd set (Freemantle Media/talkback Thames) and the Special Agent Secrets (S.A.S)* segments aren't on there and it doesnt even say anything about them. on the box it says 'contains every episode ever made' and is the 25th aniversary edition which has a few extra bits but theres a lot missing. i think they've lost them, or David Jason** flogged them out of his Trotters Independent Traders* (T.I.T.)* van!

I cant for the life of me imagine why they didnt include these segments in this set, all i can assume is that they were made only for the american market so nickleodeon have probably got them buried in thier archives somewhere.

**David Jason was the voice of DangerMouse and he also played Derek Trotter in 'Only Fools and Horses'.

*Using jovial/suggestive accronymns seems to be a tradition in British comedy - The Carry-On team did it regularly (Sid James probably had a lot to do with that).

Danger Mouse - "Secret Agent Secrets"

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Danger Mouse - "Secret Agent Secrets"

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