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Egg and ketchup!?

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Uncle Ghengis


But it is atleast an interesting phonomenon.
Some people actually like egg and tomato ketchup. (Or egg and baked-beans, or other variations of the egg and tomato theme.)

But for many of us it is a truly disgusting combination.
(I know many people who object to it, even to the point of
objecting to wathcing someone else eat this combination.)

But why? Is it that combination of red and yellow?
The way the tomato is too sweet for the savoury egg flavour?
I don't know...

Does anyone else out there find it disgusting too?

Egg and ketchup!?

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AlexK the Twelve of Motion

Eggs and Salsa are a widley excepted and eaten style of eggs. They call it "spanish" but I don't think it has anything to do with spain other then salsa. However I make this anytime I have just that little bit of salsa left at the bottom of the can.

Also in some places you can get a pizza with egg on it. Fresh tomatos and eggs go together wonderfully. The cold slightly sweet freshness of a salted tomato compliments a nice over easy egg and toast wonderfully.

So I am going to have to disagree with you on this combonation, I think it's great. Do you like tomatoes by themselves? Or is it truly this combo that upsets you?

Egg and ketchup!?

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Starfish, hoping to someday find the question

All I know is that my brother swears by ketchup. It goes on everything, ESPECIALLY eggs. It's disgusting.

Egg and ketchup!?

Post 4

Uncle Ghengis

It's the combination I find distasteful.
I like eggs. And I like tomatoes.

But I think you may have hit a key point - saltiness...
I like salt (and pepper) on my eggs - it makes them seem even more 'savoury' (as opposed to sweet). But ketchup is very sweet an I think this 'argues' with the savoury flavour of the egg.

Egg and tomato - without too much sweetness might (just) be palatable.
Ketchup? Definitely not!


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