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i ve always heard that its bad luck to wear someone elses wedding bands. my great grandmothers wedding set was past down to me and i m getting married soon. i wanted to use her set but was tryin to find out if it was unlucky or not. does any one know?

wedding rings

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Emmily ~ Roses are red, Peas are green, My face is a laugh, But yours is a scream

Hi carterslilfamily smiley - smiley

Superstitions, like your great grandmothers wedding set, have been passed down the generations, just for a lot longer. smiley - winkeye

I'm not married myself, but your wedding day is said to be the most important day of your life, so I'd imagine the most important thing is that you feel comfortable getting married using your great grandmothers wedding bands, if you do, go for it. smiley - biggrin

Or, you could ask your question at <./>Askh2g2</.> where you'll get lots more replies, and may even discover how that superstition, if it does exist, originated.smiley - smiley

Good Luck with your wedding smiley - goodluck

smiley - bluebutterfly

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