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Apparently, the Southern Cross (Crux) constellation is recognised by the Hindus as the mythical king, Trishanku.
He aspired to go to Heaven in his human form, which was prohibited. Against the wishes of the lower gods and goddesses, Trishanku conducted a sacred sacrifice to enable him to ascend to heaven in his human form Although such a sacrifice should be officiated bty a Brahmin sage, they all declined to assist, and thus Trishanku feared the wrath of the gods and goddesses.
However, the great sage Vishvaamitra did oblige and the king was lifted off the ground like a rocket. However, half-way between earth and heaven, the gods panicked and pushed Trishanku back down. Vishvaamitra, being greatly insulted by this, blew his breath towards heaven, thus pushing Trishanku back up.
The two forces balanced out and thus Trishanku remained in limbo, partway between heaven and earth, manifested as Crux.

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