A Conversation for Pork Scratchings

"often hairy"

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Classic Krissy

*vomits on the principle alone*

"often hairy"

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If you want tails of foul food then here's one for the collection.

I was in a town called BaƱos in Ecuador. I went into a small resturant and ordered a vegetarian dish (meant to be some kind of veggie stew). I Ate two or three mouthfulls and found something to be too chewy. Took aforementioned item out of my mouth and was horrified to discover it was a piece of pig skin about one inch square complete with hairs. Why some sadist would put boiled pig skin in anything is enough of a mystery but in a vegetarian meal... Sick!

I suppose you don't want to hear about the grilled cows udder in Colombia???

"often hairy"

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Engels42 (Thingite Minister of Leaky Ethics and Spiffyness)

erm..... *shudders* smiley - winkeye

"often hairy"

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I think I'll stick with my tripe thank you very much.

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"often hairy"

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