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Grohl Vs. Cobain

Post 41

simply scruff singing a rainbow

regarding post 37

drugs was his way of coping....uh huh...i see.....so your advice to anyone who's hit hard times would be 'chill out, kick back, relax, and take some crack'. Do the world a favour sweetie and never become a therapist.

scruff X

Grohl Vs. Cobain

Post 42


I would agree in saying that Cobain is not a great guitarist. I think it is wrong to include him up there with Hendrix and Zepplin. But Nirvana is about so much more than the Music, they are about the LYRICS. Cobain wrote all the words in the songs and put all his emotion into them. That is what makes Nirvana more than "a grundge band" but rather one of the genious bands of all time. Read Journals someday and maybe you will begin to understand. Untill then stop criticizing Cobain for his guitar and respect him for his emotional, heart-felt, depressed lyrics.

Grohl Vs. Cobain

Post 43


why be gross?
why pick fault at a person who is dead?
I really see no point at it!
AND.. i'm a massive nirvana and foo fighter fan!
i really dnt understand why you did the whole comparisson
thingy, that was canny stupid.

Grohl Vs. Cobain

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Grohl Vs. Cobain

Post 45


cos then they can't suck satan's corporate twinkie cake

Grohl Vs. Cobain

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don't they do that when they are alive?

Grohl Vs. Cobain

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sad but true

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