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Yeah, these are cool

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smiley - coolI love Nirvana, they're cool. Fave song by them is Smells like teen spiritsmiley - cool

smiley - devil*Deepest Sympathy*smiley - devil

Yeah, these are cool

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I love Nirvana and I wish Kurt Cobain was not dead he was so great!! he died 9 years ago on 9th april 2003! r.i.p Kurt! u r great! xXx

Yeah, these are cool

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Why does everyone love Smells Like Teen Spirit? It appears to have had the same effect on Kurt as "Staying Alive" had on the Bee-Gees - He hated playing it EVERY gig. He was forced to, and the whole point of SLTS is NOT to do what they tell you. (look at the cheerleaders in the SLTS video - they are wearing the Anarchy logo on their clothes!)

Pennyroyal Tea was sung from the pespective of a woman - Kurt never was afraid to show his feminine side.

All Apologys and You Know You're Right read like suicide notes -

YKYR: I will never bother you (to Francis Bean Cobain)
I will never Promise to (do another record)

Never say a word again (because he's dead)
I will crawl away for good (He'll die)


Yeah, these are cool

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Yeah you're right, it's seems like for many people 'smells like teen spirit' is the only song by nirvana.
That's totally stupid, I mean it rocks, but there's even better that this song.
There are deeper lyrics written by Kurt.
maybe some of you have seen 'sold out tonight', in a concert, they started playing it, and just stopped.
Grohl even said that they did not appreciate the fact that fans seem to listen only to that instead of listening to other songs which shows the real Nirvana.
Though on that same video, there is a vision of it, that I think is really interesting.
You all must know that it start like that
'Load up on guns
Kill your friends'
that's only the start, if you haven't seen that video, go ahead, it's really coolsmiley - cool

Yeah, these are cool

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Hey im a great nirvana fan along with the rest of you I just wanted to say you know on the nirvana greatest hits I think its a good album but quite a few of the songs are not there own material such as lead bellies where did you sleep last night etc. I like those songs verymuch but its the greatest hits and i would have thought theyd put pure nirvana on if you no what I mean any way cya

peace love empathy

Yeah, these are cool

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I`d just like to add, that you can clearly split the smells like teen spirit video into two parts. In one the crowd are tame and just watching nirvana play, in the other the gymnasium turned into a mosh pit.
Originally only the first part was in the video but Kurt hated it, thats why the second part was added, although Kurt sill hated the video anyway.
The guy who`s tied up at the end is the janitor, a reference to Kurt`s old job as a high school janitor.
I love Nirvana, I`ll admit that smells like teen spirit was the first song I heard from them, I gradually got hooked and bought all of their albums. Unplugged is my presonal favourite, but I love all of their songs.

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