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possibility of life without dishes

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Researcher 143880

I once was invited in the house of two physik-students. They were in the possession of just two tea-cups and boards of wood they used already for years as they told me. There would be no need to clean the cups, because in the morning and evening there was new tea inside. Once a day they turned the boards for cleaning them from crumbs. The drawback of this comfort life was, that they always eated bred and something on it.

possibility of life without dishes

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DjeliBeybi, Sovereign Imperatrix of all Odd Blue Socks, ID

You know..this is incredibly wasteful..but if you don't want to wash dishes, just use paper plates. smiley - winkeye

possibility of life without dishes

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And paper knives, forks and spoons, paper pots, paper pans, paper baking sheets... smiley - bigeyes

Plus, of course - a smiley - chocolateteapot!

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