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some updates at least from the world of EVE....

nerf - verb, adjective - a change introduced (normally by the developers of the game) to 'balance' the game, normally taking out ultrasetups (which can wtfpwn anyone). Coined from Everquest when all the weapons had there damage lowered significantly. The players thought it was like they had been wrapped in the nerf foam. (usage - this ion blaster has been nerfed, TomB strikes you critically with his Nerf Bat, pwning you for -100% everything. They are going to nerf this)

pwn - exactly like 0wn, but 1337er smiley - winkeye

wtfpwn - literally wtf and pwn brought together, used when a particular setup ganks you instantly, or the setup makes the opponent unhittable then you have been wtfpwn'ed.

gank - equipment and setup designed only for damage dealing, leaving no defense - but if you wtfpwn them quick then you have no need for defense.

tank - equipment and setup designed for defense ie. take a severe pounding and keep going, the opposite of a ganker

Enough for now smiley - smiley Until later....
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Also, Owned/Pwned is synomus with words used in non gaming communities, like being "Served" or "Told".

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bunnyfrog will never die

Additional abbvs. :
gg - 'good game', commonly applied to end of long winded games or one where something pretty amusing happened.
usuc! - a neat spot of insulting that gets round anti-profanity programs many servers have.
fuku! - as above
stppit! - a common cry of frustration from any given gamer being picked on within rules of game which their skills cannot get them out of. Often repeated until they get called a nooB.
agen? - 'again?' Used as a question to the starting of another round of gaming, where game is multi staged, or indeed has rounds.

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ooopss...did i detect fu.u x

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Having shows this article to my gamer husband and friends they all agreed that the origination of frag isn't quake, and we eventually tracked it down to this:


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BLT: Not dead - yet

I was misinformed then about the fragging, however using it in a game to mean "killing" is an alteration of the definition and as such I will stick with my opinion that that alteration originated from quake.

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The discussion went:






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