A Conversation for Rocks, Stones and Pebbles

Keep banging the rocks together

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Thanks for the intro to geology mike smiley - winkeye

Lots of local museums have rocks too and national geology month is just finished I think. The British Museum site will probably have references to it or other local stuff.

You missed out a couple of other famous rocks tho smiley - geek

Edinburgh rock - tastes magic

Blackpool rock. Much harder but tastes much better if left forgotten at the back of a drawer till after Christmas

Mount Rushmore ehormous carved faces of US presidents. Would environmentalists have allowed it or the aboriginals their newspaper nowadays?

I hadn't realised that Ayer's rock had had a name change. Is it aboriginal? Probably fair enough as called that for thousands of years and Ayers only for a few decades smiley - winkeye


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Keep banging the rocks together

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