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Sometimes there's just no ground for a garden. I've got a balcony with almost lots of sun exposure and episodes of dry wind. If I want plants, I have to make sure they are in plastic pots because the ceramic pots suck up water too much.

Chile pepper plants like jalepenos and habeneros are very satisfying balcony plants because they do great in pots. Chances are, if you plant two jalepenos you'll have more peppers than you'll ever need. Just leave some on the plant and they'll turn deep red and look like Christmas ornaments.

I also plant lots of herbs - lavenders, sages, and basils... they seem to do well in the heat. Sages are especially great because they produce lovely flowers in so many different varieties and look exotic in pots. Purple basil will also add an unexpected visual (as well as culinary) treat. Mint is also great in a pot with the added benefit that it won't be able to take over the garden!! I give my mint plants a haircut on a pretty regular basis and they just keep on growing back.

Scented geraniums also do well, too.

Just remember to water water water during those hot Summer months!

apartment dwellers

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I tried to grow avocado in a pot. But its leaves are turning brown and falling down. How to save it? Does anyone of you know?

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Hello, i also have a balcony and i am just trying to grow alsorts at the moment, i bought a couple of mixed packets threw them in trains and now there growing, it only took a week. Only thing is i don't know what to do with them now. they all need re potting. Can anyone help? The seeds planted were: Radishes, cucumbers, iceburg lettuce, cress,italian salad leaf, mixed mediterranean herbs, rocket, tomatoes and ornamental squashes. This sounds like loads but i was'nt expecting them to grow, i thought it was to late in the season. If any one has any info please help as there all to big for the seed trays now and i don't want them to die.smiley - biggrin

apartment dwellers

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Hi, just wondered how you started the avocado plant, did you just plant the big seed that comes in it?

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