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Mountain Dew has no caffiene here!

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The Jazzy ads that Mountain Dew has been running for the last few years never seemed to make sense here in Canada. The ads, direct from the USA, showed teenagers taking a sip and more or less flipping out, blown away by the "buzz". The reason these ads didn't make any sense to me is that Mountain Dew is decaffinated in Canada.

I had drank it occasionally growing up, but it was always just another lemon-lime drink such as 7-up or Sprite. The commercials began to make sense after I saw a CBC documentary on cola drinks. The documentary mentioned that in Canada bottlers are prohibited from adding caffiene artifically to drinks unless they are brown or black in colour. Presumably this is to prevent parents from wiring thier kids up accidentally.

So.... Canadians don't really Do the Dew. We just get to see a recycled irrelevant commercial. Maybe thirty million people isn't a big enough target market to warrant its own ad campaign.

By the way, I ackowledge that my info is dated by a few years and given from memory. It could be that we are now Doing the Dew but don't know it.
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Mountain Dew has no caffiene here!

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Darth Zaphod

lolsmiley - winkeye Yes, I can understand how Canadians would be confused by Dew commercials...

I for one am absolutely addicted to it and drink it more than I should!

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Mountain Dew has no caffiene here!

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