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where does mt. dew come from

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i'm not trying to be offensive because i'm not 100% sure where mt. dew comes from seeing as how i've never done any research. but i'm from a town of about 7,000 people in southwest Vriginia called Marion, about 2 or 3 hours away from Knoxville. and i always heard that mt. dew was invented in Marion, the town i grew up in. like i said i haven't done any reasearch on this fact but i'll be sure to do that and follow up with another message.

where does mt. dew come from

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Darth Zaphod

Well, according to my research it was invented in Knoxville. That's where the original bottling plant of the two brothers I mentioned in the article was anyway. If your research brings up something else, I'd like to know!

-DZsmiley - planet

where does mt. dew come from

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Jimi X

According to the Marion, Virginia Web site:

A local businessman, William H. "Bill" Jones of Marion, during the period 1959 to 1962, created what is now the nationally successful soft drink "Mountain Dew" at Marion's Tip Bottling Company, now site of Hungate Business Services at 517 North Main Street. Jones experimented with flavors, routinely offering Marion residents samples of what he bubbled together. He eventually sold the soft drink "Mountain Dew" to Pepsico in 1964. Marion now boast itself as the "Home of Mountain Dew" on signs and brochures. Bill Jones brought international fame to Marion by inventing the drink Mountain Dew.


where does mt. dew come from

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Jimi X

According to the official Mountain Dew Web site:

The Mountain Dew flavor we know today was developed in Marion, Virginia. Mountain Dew, the drink, began in Knoxville, Tennessee.


That should make it about as clear as mud!

smiley - cheers
- Jimi X

where does mt. dew come from

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no matter what the commercials are certainly enjoable

where does mt. dew come from

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Darth Zaphod

Yes, finding the information necessary to write the entry was difficult...but I pieced together what I could and what made sense with everything else so what I have is more than likely an accurate--however vague--historical depictionsmiley - winkeye

DZsmiley - planet

where does mt. dew come from

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yes william henry jones invented mountaind dew in marion virginia he used to take dixie cups with slightly different combinations in them and give four at a time to his family and friends for months until he finally found what is now mountain dew after pepsi bought mountain dew and mr jones came back from the signing he looked at a few friends of his and said if i had twenty dollars id be a millionair his friends passed around a hat and gave him twenty dollars

mrs jones was a fan of shopping and bill would frequently say we dont need to keep up with the joneses to which mrs jones would respond we are the joneses

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