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When I was younger I was brought into the LDS church and never understood any of it as my age progressed I tried to learn more I just have a question to know for sure my question would be this the LDS bible is it said to be true that Jesus came to America to give the people who inhabitated the early Americas before English settlers the word of the bible I have heard this from a source that I can not recall as being true but I have heard that Jesus did dissapear for periods of time and just thought I should know from someone who seems more knowledgeable than myself? thanks JC


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The "LDS Bible" Thast I think you are talking about would be the Book of Mormon, which is a separate book of Scripture fom the Old and New Testament.

The BoM cronicles the history of the civilisations in America from 600BC to about 400AD, as well as giving a history of another civilisation from 1000 years before then.

These civilisations grew from parties that travelled from the Holy Land and Jerusalem, They had prophets, just like the Old Testament prohets, who prophecied of Jesus.

The Book of Mormon stands as another testament of Christ and a s a companion to the Bible.

More information is on www.mormon.org or www.lds.org

I hope this helps


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Actually, the 'LDS bible' could more accurately be called the 'Joseph Smith Translation'.

This 'bible' is not used by the mormon community, and certainly not by the missionaries.

Any evidence to show that Jesus arrived in America is more wishful thinking than anything, and there is VERY little of it. It can also be observed with the religious practices of American indians and early South American religious beliefs. They are more of a spiritist and polytheistic nature, that originated from paganism.

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