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Roman restaurant

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You can call me TC

Brilliant entry, Lucky smiley - star. Really readable, yet full of informative bumph.

Trier is only a couple of hours drive from us and is a favourite for class day trips. My husband and his fellow Latin teachers have often had conferences there and it is a big treat for them to take a meal at the Roman restaurant which serves food cooked using the recipes left by Apicius.


Roman restaurant

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smiley - ok

Will check it out next time I'm there!

Actually, it's rather co-incidental that the entry appears today - it's the anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge (also known as the Battle of the Ardennes)

Plus my kids have gone off to its delightful fairytale Christmas Market this afternoon to do their Christmas shopping smiley - smiley

Roman restaurant

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You can call me TC

Actually, when looking for that link, I discovered that they have a New Year's Package which I am now thinking of booking. I asked, they have rooms free.

Included are a Guided Tour of Town, Roman meal, New Year's Eve dinner and wine-tasting. The best is that it's on the dates I can actually go - have to work until Thursday and be back at work on the Monday. We could extend by one night and stay over till Sunday, taking in a concert or exhibition on the Saturday afternoon and Mass in the cathedral on the Sunday morning.

So if we have a great New Year's Eve there - it's all thanks to Lucky . If not - well, I'll be seeing you on the 8th....!!!

Roman restaurant

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Sounds like a great way to spend New Year's Eve!

Don't know if I'm gonna make the 8th smiley - wah - it's very soon after the Christmas hols, and I need to save my flying budget for trips to the UK to get my eyes lasered

Roman restaurant

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You can call me TC

Right - we're off in an hour or two. Got everything packed last night. Will let you know what I learn about the town, for future updates. Any good restaurants that you recommend? We have booked a complete all-in package until the Saturday morning but are staying over the Saturday to Sunday (Damn - I've just realised the shops will be shut - are they open in Luxembourg?) So we have Saturday at our disposal and will have to find somewhere to have lunch and dinner on that day.

Will the petrol stations at the Luxembourg border be open?

Roman restaurant

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Lux is usually VERY shut on a Sunday...petrol stations includedsmiley - sadface

For quick snacks, the chip shop just before the market square is brilliant. And the cafe opposite the Dom does some nice wine-tasting menus.

Have fun!

smiley - star

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