A Conversation for Animals that Freeze Solid

That´s really COOL !

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I am impressed, no joke. That´s not so much a chemical reaction but a kind of micro-mechanic process - did I get this right? Are you doing researches in this field on private or professional account? How is this process monitored by the organism? Is it just a reaction more or less influenced by the temperature outside?

That´s really COOL !

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i have to ask where one gets this kind of information?
it reminds of all of the things in this world that i have yet to learn. i guess i better get back to work! smiley - smiley

That´s really COOL !

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guru walker

In some organisms it is a reaction to temperature drop. The temperature drops, their metabolism slows and they automatically allow themselves to freeze.

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Mamba Wamba

I have to agree with Barley. This does remind me of all of those facts that I have yet to learn.

That's really COOL !

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aka Bel - A87832164

What a great entry! Thanks very much for writing it. smiley - cheers

That's really COOL !

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Definitions of life sometimes need rewriting don't they. I heard of worms that in hot climates completely dehydrate. Then when you add water they spring back into life. What is the state called when they are non-moving, non breathing, non-anything if it isn't dead?

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Have a look at BBC Parliament.

Next time they're broacasting from the House of Lords - you may find the answer to your question.

That's really COOL !

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