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Mike A (snowblind)

1. The 15 rating comes from those ELSPA guys, and is just a recommendation as to the target audience. I don't think it's actually a law. Unless there's intended sarcasm in that footnote smiley - winkeye

2. (This is the first of many links to Maiden...
I don't think we need brackets here, and I think there needs to be some distinction between the game's tie-ins and the mags complaints in the sentance. Might I suggest:
"blahblahblah This somebody is Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie, and the first of a couple of links to Maiden and their songs.
The on-rails gameplay is one of the complaints people have: You sit there and shoot people until you are moved one space.

3. ...as Phantom Of The Opera is over seven minutes long, and is heared one and a half time...
Only albums are italicsed in official entries, so Phantom Of The Opera shouldn't be. 'heared' should be 'heard' and 'time' should be 'times'.

4. The last paragraph...
I reckon it could do with some link breaks for each point. And, the posters are on level 6 as well smiley - smiley

We Can Work It Out smiley - smiley

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Mike A (snowblind)

But of course, we can't if you don't bother listening to this. It ain't funny.

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

ELSPA is law, but enforcement is very lax.

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