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Strange shopping urges

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Mr Bobbins

On the several occasions I have visited the Trafford Centre I have felt an overwhelming urge to 'Consume' at my first visit I did not particuarly notice this but after a few more I realised that I HAD to spend money. Now, I realise that some people who 'enjoy' shopping may reguarly experience this but I am not one of those people. Living near Sheffield I reguarly go to Meadowhall and I have not experienced this sensation there, nor in any town center. Every time I have been I have spent substantially more than I intended too, I could put this down to the nice decor or the ridiculously HUGE food area enticing me to spend but as some of my friends have also experienced this I have come to the conclusion that the Trafford Centre managment have developed an invisible gas that stimulates the consumerism centers in the brain.

Strange shopping urges

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I always make sure I know *exactly* what I want to buy there before I go, if possible... or at least make sure I know which shops I want...

I do buy more snacks & drinks there than anywhere else, though

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