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Immune troubles and new insulin cells

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Patchwork Cat

It's worth noting that the phenomenon of insulin cell survival in type 1 diabetes is established and being researched.
It's therefore obvious that if someone can survive with these they may not need to take insulin. If the survival of these cells is understood the process may mean a decent cure for some.
Obviously is you give insulin to a diabetic the immune reaction means that these cells are knocked back even further, so the need for more insulin after that becomes inevitable. Sort of like a dependence. There is nothing new about this observation.
The worst situation for the type 1 sufferer could be where the ongoing immune reaction to insulin is added to by another immune related condition, like the less understood ones CFIDS ME Fibromyalgia etc. The fact that many immune conditions are not recognised and dismissed as 'growing pains' etc. is a sad indictment of our current medical system. The possibility that such conditions creating unstable blood sugars in diabetics might be perceived as a decision not to to take insulin in loose and purely psychological diagnoses is worrying. We need better understanding of the immune system of new diabetics and those with ongoing diabetic troubles.

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Immune troubles and new insulin cells

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