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Living with Diabetes.

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I have been a Diabetic for most of my Adult life. I try not to think too much about it and I have planned my life around it.
In the beginning, it was very hard as I struggled to control my Blood Glucose level. Then I did what every Diabetic should do, learn more about this Disease.

I went on a Journey of investigation, to the Library, in Magazines,
and at my Doctor's Office. I was not so lucky to have the Internet back then.

Being Diabetic at a time when Insulin was taken as a Pill was risky,
because one Pill a Day was never enough, I never realized then how serious an Insulin shortage could have been, as my body showed the signs. The lost of weight,and extreme thirst were some of the signs which told me to seek medical attention elsewhere immediately.

Today, I know all there is to know about living a Healthy life as a Diabetic.

My body still controls the types of Insulin I use, and would not allow
me to switch to the new fast acting Brands.

So, I have to continue with the same Insulin I have used for the past ten years in order to live comfortable.

I exercise often, drink lots of water,eat fresh fruits, vegetables,
lean cuts of meat, chicken, and fish.

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Living with Diabetes.

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