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Sho - employed again!

When I was at boarding schoo in England, we used to get porridge in the 2nd half of the Christmas term and the whole of the Easter term. Every day. 7 days a week (choice was: porridge, no porridge, 1/2 slice of cold toast)

We were convinced that the chap in the kitchen-like-room (to call him a cook, let alone a chef would be an insult to those fine people) used to make it like this:

Monday: Sack of oats, 2 gallons milk - result: very very stiff porridgelikesubstance
Tuesday: Leftover porridgelikesubstance + 1 gallon milk - result: very stiff porridgelikesubstance
Wednesday (best day of the week for porridge fans): Leftover porridgelikesubstance + 1/2 gallon milk - result: PORRIDGE!
Thursday: Leftover porridge + 1/2 gallon milk - result: thin porridgelikesubstance
Friday: Leftover porridgelikesubstance + 1/2 gallon milk - result: very thin porridgelikesubstance
Saturday: Leftover porridgelikesubstance + 1/2 gallon milk - result: Oliver Twist style gruel (nobody asked for more)
Sunday: Müsli (Alpen actually - which was eaten by nobody, and thus recycled for the 7 years I was there!)

It put me off porridge for years, until I had some made by my mother-in-law. Then Bingo! Another Porridge fan was born. I like it with half oats/half oatmeal, and half milk/half water plus a sprinkle of ground hazlenuts. Yum!

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