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Porridge, the Finnish way

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Very much similar to the Scottish dish is the Finnish version called 'puuro'. The word itself is also used in other contexts where something is somehow sludgy or mushy; audiophiles very often say that the sound in, for example, a live concert is 'porridge-like'.

The food itself is very similar to the Scottish porridge in ingredients, cooking and digestion. Instead of oats, you can also use certain types of wheat bran, barley and rice. In addition to milk, sugar (regular sugar is fine), and salt (which is normally added already when cooking), you can also add a small piece of butter.

The variation with rice is a special dish, normally only eaten in Christmastime. It is cooked in greater quantities than normally, and you can also sprinkle some cinnamon on top. In addition an almond is stirred in. Whoever gets the almond is said to be the next one to be lucky in love.

Porridge, the Finnish way

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Lost in Scotland

This is also the Swedish way of cooking porridge ("gröt" in Swedish).

The stuff cooked with rice is a real treat at Christmas time, and usually, my dad ,who does the rice porridge cooking in our family, adds a cinnamon stick into the pan as he cooks it.
Then you can eat it either hot or cold, with milk, sugar and cinnamon on top. Yummy.

I think I'd like to make a point, though. Regular oat flake porridge doesn't stick very much to the pan if it's cooked using water instead of milk, unless you leave it for about 12 hours or so. Not even if you use a regular stainless steel pan. Maybe in Sweden, we have a non-stick kind of oat flakes, but then again, it may only be the milk that welds it to the pan if you cook it with milk instead of water.

Porridge Legs

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My mate, Davey Everererden, says fat birds have "porridge" legs.

(You know, the kinda "speckled" effect on the top of the thighs)

A pretty good discription really.

But then again he likes the "fuller figure"

His dream woman? - a cross between Bella Emberg, Clare Raynor and Vanessa before she lost all that weight.

Not a well man, our Davey!

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