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Underground Caroline

Myself and my friends have styled ourselves as the Vince fanclub. His one word interjections reduced us to hysteria. Especially liked the episode where he contracted 'Random Pavarotti Syndrom' and the gang had to explore his brain in a minaturised submarine. A friend of mine still takes every opportunity to utter the word 'clenches' in a little hollow, Vince-like voice smiley - smiley

We don't undrstand why this didn't make more of an impact than it did. we were gleefully awaiting the merchandising. If Wallace and Gromit can result in a Sean the Sheep backpack. Why not a Vince backpack, with the zipper under his teath? smiley - smiley

Vince's biggest fan

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Lisa the Freak // Poet by the Toga

Figero figero!
I *like* jam
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Purple Moose - He comes, he goes. But mainly the latter...

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Uubbaguubba - Minister of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Keeper of the Tuber Count

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Purple Moose - He comes, he goes. But mainly the latter...

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Aardman did, for a short while, have Rex merchandise on their website and I am the proud owner of a Vince shoulderbag and Vince cuddly toy. I don't think any of it is available any more, but they also had t-shirts, glasses, key rings and cagoules. I also bought a Vince mug from Clinton cards.
We have nearly worn out the video of the first series, and are very disappointed in Aardman and the BBC for only showing the second series once and not releasing it on video. Everyone I've met who's seen Rex the Runt loves it, so there must be an audience.

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The Rocking Monk - a beard with an idiot hanging off it

I can only hope that there will be a DVD set due soon.

If not, why not!

"The Horror"

Vince's biggest fan

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They did do some Rex the Runt Merchandise - i remember starburst did some sweets with the characters on! They tasted good but they are not a lasting reminder to good old vince...

Vince's biggest fan

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The Doc

*Walks in unannounced*

Hello there. Just to let you know that Rex and his pals are indeed available in glorious DVD format and has been for some time now. It is on American import only (Try Ebay) and is completely brilliant........

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