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The (obviously British) person who wrote this text obviously has no idea of the irrepairable damage the marbles suffered in the hands of the "expert professors" in past decades, who have tried to "improve" the visual aspect of the marbles using everything but bleach on them. Or will the British Museum take as good care of them as the Lord Elgin himself, who had the sculptures cut in pieces so they fit in boxes?

The point is:
1. The "Elgin" marbles, stolen or not, form an integral part of the Acropolis, Athens. They were carved by the best sculptors of the era and they were cherished for thousands of years by the Greek people.
2. They are part of the Greek cultural heritage, and as far as I know, Greece has never been very influenced by Britain.
3. Greece is a developed country. Athens is a city of three and a half million people and in the two and a half thousand years the Acropolis has been there, it has only suffered destruction in the hands of foreigners (Turks, even the British have played their part in the Acropolis being as it is).

So, please, give us back our marbles and try to create art of your own that will be admired two and a half thousands year from now.

Properly cared of?

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well, what about the greeks bashing hteir way through the acropolis to build that Parthenon museum? If that isn't harming ancient artifacts, what is?

Anyway, the British harm was done in order to preserve. As far as Lord Elgin knew, the Turks would blow up the rest of the parthenon to make lyme for a building project.

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