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The song "Ironic" may have been Poppy, but it drove many an English major nuts as rain on one's wedding day might be depressing, and not what one would generally ask for, but on the whole, there isn't much that is ironic about it. (I like to explain to people, that if one were to marry Thor, and it *didn't* rain on your wedding day, then it might be considered ironic)

Of course, it isn't ironic either that here was someone singing something that was grossly inaccurate, and nobody seemed to care. There is a history of Pop Music not caring about accuracy in word choice.

For example...one would think that when Alternative music hit the Top 40, they would have changed the name of the category...it no longer really being "Alternative."

Reminds me of the time I entered my High School Latin class to see five students sitting in a row on the far right side. "Sit over here with us," one of them said. "We're being non-conformists." I sat on the other side of the room. Which really wasn't much better.

But I'm rambling.


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"Isn't ironic?"


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