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Texas is big...

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Synthetic Jesso (I'm not real)

...but it is filled with nothing. Texas is a huge hole.
Oh wait, it has some stuff...
It has pollution, in cities like Dallas and Houston...
It has a HORRID education system, thanks to our *wonderful* standardized test, the TAAS (2+2= ? a)4 b)4 c)4 d)all of the above) that people can't seem to pass...
It has traffic stacked deep in Houston, and if you can ever go to Dallas without seeing miles of construction, you're not in Dallas...
It has heat enough to kill people (true story, if you don't have AC when we hit our 110+ days)...
It has both DESERT-LIKE dryness and...
It has stifliing humidity...

In short, Texas is a hell-hole. Don't visit us. There is nothing at all to see here, except miserable people, like me. The only people here are stuck here against their will, because they work here or are not old enough to get away for college...

Texas is big...

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Researcher 211500

Get out of the big cities! The country is beautiful! A little bit of everything out here. Easy living, no pollution, what more could you ask for? Well maybe cheaper real estate.

Texas is big...

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You may not be happy here, but plenty of Texans are.

I've been to a lot of places around the globe, but I'm always happy to get back home to Texas - where people are friendly and don't scowl at you if you smile at them (as happened to me a dozen times or more when I went to New York).

Texas is big...

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Liquid Velvet

I disagree, Texas has everything from big cities to small towns, beaches, mountains, forests and deserts.

Texas is big...

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LeppardStalker - Keeper of the Copyrights

Texas does have it's problems, just like any other state, but I still love it here, and many Texans do. That's why I stayed here when I went to college. Plus, it's a REALLY long drive to reach the border!
Don't Mess With Texas

Texas is big...

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I would like to update this conversation.

Since the first posting, we have changed from the TAAS test to the TAKS(Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test. I just took the 10th grade english portion of the test, and it is just as easy.

Secondly, Texas now has 7 of the top 15 most polluted cites in America(Woo-hoo!).

Thank you for your time.

Texas is big...

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Please stop griping. Keep it in your blog, not the guide.

I've never heard of a Sophomore anywhere that had anything good to say about where they live, and I've done my fair share of bitching, too, but this isn't the place. The truth is life in Texas doesn't suck; you suck at life.

Texas is big...

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Werner, I am the great Liar

have you listened to the rich hall "otis lee crenshaw" song, texas not tenesse,

texan:- i went for a drive once and i drove and drove and 3 days later i was still in the great state of texas

otis:- yeah i used to have a piece of s**t car like that myself

very funny song and brings up all the bad bits you missed smiley - smileysmiley - sadfacesmiley - winkeye


agent of kaos

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