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Having studied Korean, Korean history, and Tae Kwon Do in Korea, I take this opportunity to point out a slight error made in the section about the history of pickling.

Kimchi is indeed an old form of pickled cabbage and has a long history. The advent of the introduction of hot chili peppers made it what it is today.

The problem is of a historical nature. Originally, what is now known as Korea was made up of four (4) read them and weep (not three (3) kingdoms, as many report. They were Kaya, Silla, Koguryo, and Paekche (spelling of each kingdom varies with the historian trying to inform us and most forget about poor little Kaya which was formed by the amalgamation of several "small" states).

They along with Koryo and Chosun were never dynasties, they were countries. A dynasty is a name given to a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock, or group.

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