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Hagrid's House

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Christy Woodman

An ongoing debate in this part of the Muggle world: What house was Hagrid in when he was a Hogwarts student?

Most people think Hufflepuff, but a small and critical minority seem to be in favor of Slytherin.

To recap: Gryffindors are brave, Ravenclaws are brainy, Hufflepuffs are hardworking, and Slytherins are ambitious (not necessarily evil, though over-ambitious people often turn to the Dark Arts).

Hagrid's House

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Researcher 183578

Hello. Personally I think that Hagrid was in Hufflepuff when he was at Hogwarts. I think this because in the first book when he is talking to Harry about Hogwarts Houses he says to him: "then there's Hufflepuff, most people think they're a load of duffers, but they're alrigh'" (or words to that effect!).

I hope that I have enlightened the guide in this matter.

An hp fan (who perhaps knows the books slightly too well!!)

Hagrid's House

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Cadi Merchionamercheluned

Yes, definatly Hufflepuff. They are loyal, and occasionally very stubborn in their loyalty (See book 2). Not overloaded in the brains department, they still have no problem distinguishing right from wrong, and here they score over many cleverer people. Hagrid's brave enough for Gryffindor, but I think he would have said if that was his old house.

Hagrid's House

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I agree that Hufflepuff is the most likely house for Hagrid. Not especially brilliant but very loyal and hard working. I don't think you can become to familiar with HP. Try the quiz at Scolastic then you'll know if you're really up on all the facts.

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