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...is a monk, right? Monks are usually members of a certain religious group, e.g. Christianity, Buddhism..right? And yet there is no religion ever mentionned in the magical world of Harry Potter. smiley - wizard
So how can there be a man who attended Hogwarts [in Hufflepuff house] and goes on to become a monk??? He must have been trained to be a wizard, because if he hadn't, he wouldn't be still representing Hufflepuff.
Can we assume that Christianity or other religions are as much a part of the wizarding world as the Muggle world? I've been reading these books for years [not continuously obviously] and this has never occured to me before....I am very fogged.

Any ideas?

The Fat Friar...

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I don't see why religion wouldn't be a part of the wizarding world. They celebrate Christmas and Easter for example.

And the Weasley's are clearly Irish Catholic with that red hair and all those kids!

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