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Dog Kickers

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Mason Williams' book of poetry, Mason Williams Reading Matter (1964) is an excellent vehicle for teachers to leapfrog over the typical groans that accompany the announcement, "Class, for the next three weeks we will be studying poetry".

Who can not smile to his poem, Dog Kickers. Try reciting this aloud, overly dramatic, with pauses to build expectation:

Dog Kickers
How about them Dog Kickers,
Ain’t they crumbs?
Kickin’ them doggies
In they buns.

Got any teachers out there? Your students will fight to be the first to do a dramatic reading from the book

Dog Kickers

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Steve K.

My favorite quote from the book is, "I wish I'd been Beethoven's roommate. Then when I go to hear one of his symphonies, I could look at the person next to me and say, 'Like it? My roommate wrote it.' "

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